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Magick, Symbols, & Spellcraft

Below you will find truths and logic about occult subjects that are often misunderstood. It is my personal belief that such knowledge should not be hidden, because the sharing of it is the best way to fight ignorance.


What is Magick?

There is truly a difference between magic found in Hollywood movies, and tricks performed on a stage, and real magick that can and does

occur in our daily lives. Magick is not some "out there" supernatural force. Magick rather is mind over matter and knowing your environment well enough to bend it. It is the art of changing consciousness at will. If you believe something can happen, you can will it to happen, situations providing. Anyone with a healthy imagination, clear focus, and positive intent can work magick. And magick is defined by the intent, not necessarily the results: magick with positive intent, or magick with negative intent to harm. Because every working will have a variety of reactions, intended, and non-intended, positive and negative, you simply cannot define it by the results.


Some Common Symbols

The Pentacle - five pointed star, pointing up, in a circle; The coming together of the five elements: earth, air, water, fire, spirit, but can also

be a symbol of earth and the north for Wiccans.

The Cauldron - the womb, source of life and inspiration, the holy grail

The Athame - dagger/small knife, pronounced "athamay", fire element in the Tarot, symbol of air and the east for Wiccans

The Wand ­-  rod or stave, air element in the Tarot, symbol of fire and the south for Wiccans

The Chalice ­-  cup, another womb/yonic symbol, symbol of water and the west for Wiccans

The Triplemoon - the waxing, full, and waning moon, symbolizing the three forms of the Goddess: maiden, mother, and crone, also the pattern of life.


Morality & Magick

After understanding truly what magick is and how it works, it becomes very clear that it can be a very powerful tool. In person to person teachings, this about the point where the law of three is taught by some to stress the seriousness of magickal actions. The law of three is rooted in a variation in the concept of karma; it basically says whatever you do, whatever you send out, will come back to you with

threefold intensity. I'm not one to believe there's a big karma scoreboard in the sky keeping track of your every move, but I do believe you need to use common sense when working magick and to truly consider what you're doing. If you pull the tiger's tail, chances are it will turn around and bite you. Also, magick is not something to be done a whim. Magick is not for petty arguments and frivolous desires. True magick requires an output of energy and it will put a temporary strain on you both physically and mentally. So use it when you need it, or perhaps it won't be there when you actually do.


Concerning Love Spells

Lots of people want love spells. If love will not happen naturally, then it's pretty much a given that magick won't work either. If you make

somebody love you because of a spell, then it's not really love, and it's just not worth it. So don't mess with it! If you're having problems with

your love life, consult a goddess associated with love, or consult the Fates.


Dangerous Situations?

Now, there are situations where people are out to harm you or your loved ones. The first plan of action should be first to see if it can be handled without magick (i.e., if it's a case for the police, then call them!). If it tends to be of an emotional nature, then it would be a good idea to erect some sort of protective shielding. If you're dealing with something serious that can't be handled by mundane resources, a binding or banishing may be called for. A binding is a spell where you restrict the person from doing the harm, but nothing else. A banishing is the getting rid of the issue, to send something/someone away. Rely on the factor that eventually what they have done will come back in some shape or form. The key is to simply stop them.


The Art of Spellcraft

For Witches, casting spells and ritual could be considered an equivalent to prayer.  However the difference is that prayer is petitioning an outside force to grant you something, where spellcraft is best seen as taking matters into your own hands.  The type of spell and how elaborate or simple it is depends on the Witch who casts it. Some spells are cast within circles, incorporating many elements and symbols. Other spells are as simple as just lighting a candle, gazing at the moon, or visualizing your intention. The best spells are those you design yourself. You already have the knowledge inside to help you figure out what you need to do, just listen to it. You can look at many books to see how the basics go, but the most powerful spell is truly the one you created on your own, as it is tailored to your personally.


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